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De eerste modellen van de Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show zijn bekend

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Foto: Sky Cinema / Shutterstock.com

De Fashion Week maand is in volle gang. Die in ons koude kikkerlandje is net voorbij, in New York is deze net begonnen en in Londen en Milaan moeten ze nog van start gaan. Terwijl alle modellen door iedere stad rennen, zijn sommige van hen nog bezig met een heel ander bijzonder ding. Iets waar veel meisjes – model of niet – van dromen. Iets waar wij zelf misschien ook wel een klein beetje schuldig aan zijn. Het lopen van de grote Victoria’s Secret show. Het is het meest bekeken event van het jaar (800 miljoen mensen kijken deze show vol enthousiasme mee). Wat ook zeer begrijpelijk is, het is de show waar de knapste modellen in hun lingerie over de (glitter) catwalk lopen (en dansen) op de hardste muziek tijdens liveoptredens van de vetste artiesten.

De castings zijn druk aan de gang en na wat Instagram speurwerk zijn de eerste paar namen van de modellen al bekend. Wij hebben jouw concurrentie op een rijtje gezet:

Winnie Harlow


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I had a break down before i walked into the most nerve wrecking casting of my life. I asked my driver to go around the block twice before i could walk into the @VictoriasSecret offices so i could re coup, and remember (while my trainer @bodybymato reminded me on the phone through sobs – thank you lol) how hard I’ve been working! I went in and made new friends and saw old friends and it already felt like home! We patiently waited while @ed_razek @johndavidpfeiffer @monica.mitro @10magazine carefully took time to get to know each girl. When it was finally my time, within my nervous storm of anticipation i changed into a black Victoria Secret set and stepped out!!!! I spoke to them about Jamaica, @nick_knight , my abs, and how i was beyond honoured to be given the opportunity to try out.. then I walked for my life!!!! I can’t believe this!! Thank you for giving me all the energy and kindness in that room! Thank you for allowing me to walk for VICTORIA’S SECRET! Thank you to my agencies @firstaccessent @womenmanagementnyc @women_paris @thesquadmanagement my pr @remibrb my agent @mannyuk and mama bears #sarahstennett & @thelilmisse for having my back supporting and believing in me! I love you guys you’re FAMILY!! Thank you mommy for praying with me everyday for the past 3 days. And thank you so much to my fans who have been pushing me forward to this point in my career. I’m so blessed thank you Lord!! IM WALKING THE VICTORIA’S SECRET SHOW! Thank you Vogue for the exclusive interview 😭🙏🏽💗🙈

Een bericht gedeeld door ♔Winnie Harlow♔ (@winnieharlow) op

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Sadie Newman

Duckie Thot

Sofie Grace Rovenstine

Kelsey Merritt

Lorena Rae

Cheyenne Maya Carty

Josie Canseco


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literal MOOD because IM WALKING IN THIS YEARS VICTORIA SECRET FASHION SHOW!!!! I can’t believe I’ve been given this opportunity thank you SO much to the team @10magazine @ed_razek @johndavidpfeiffer @monica.mitro for seeing something special in me and an even bigger thank you to the team behind all my work @nextmodels. You guys constantly push me and never gave up on me no matter how many ups and downs we went through. forever grateful for the chance to prove to everyone that I’m meant to be here. I won’t let you guys down!! I love each and every one of you that have followed me and supported me and we’re just getting started❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #VSFashionShow

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Alannah Walton


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I DID IT!!!! 💗💕💗💕💗💕 I am so excited to announce that I will be walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018 ✨✨✨ I am feeling so so so blessed and grateful… my dream has come true. Thank you Ed Razek, @johndavidpfeiffer @monica.mitro @10magazine for believing in me, & to @mrs_k_chow @vspink for welcoming me into your family as soon as I arrived! 🙏🏻 Everyone has supported and guided me so kindly through this journey and I will be forever grateful. @imgmodels !! I LOVE YOU 🦋 & to my parents… you have been through this entire journey with me and to have the opportunity to walk in front of you both at the end of the year….. is honestly my proudest and greatest achievement yet. 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 @victoriassecret ! ❤️

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Mayowa Nicholas

Isilda Moreira

Sabah Koj


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Dreams do come true @victoriassecret ✨🙏🏾💖💖 #victoriassecret #youmadeit #vsangel #vsfashionshow #godisgood @victoriasport

Een bericht gedeeld door SABAH WITH AN A ✨ (@iamsabaah) op

Yasmin Wijnaldum

Maia Cotton

Iesha Hodges


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OH MY GAHHHH 💗💗💗 All glory to God!!!!! Never in a million years would I have imagined to be a part of this year’s annual #VSFashionShow , I am beyond thankful and so honored to be chosen to represent their brand and be a role model for all types of women and all shades of beauty! I will only hope to inspire you all to follow your dreams because anything is possible! Go shake up the world baby! Huge thankyou to my mom, and management @one.1nyc @onemanagement and the entire VS Team @victoriassecret Sophia @10magazine #edrazek @johndavidpfeiffer @michellepriano @monica.mitro #VSAngelWatch Words can’t express how excited I am! You all literally made this girl’s dream come true – i 💕

Een bericht gedeeld door Iesha Hodges (@ieshahodgesofficial) op

Melie Tiacoh


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It feels so UNREAL! I cannot believe this is actually happening to me! *Pinch me!!!* THANK YOU SO MUCH @victoriassecret @johndavidpfeiffer Ed Razek @monica.mitro @10magazine for giving me the opportunity to walk the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018! WOW! 2018 will be by far the best year of my modeling career and YOU made my dream come true! I will be the first Ivorian 🇨🇮 model walking the show, but also the first Guinean 🇬🇳, and probably Lebanese 🇱🇧 -France and Italy were already represented before 😅- What an honor to represent Ivory Coast, Africa and Diversity ✊🏾 Thank you to my agencies and bookers who pushed me and encouraged me to never give up throughout ALL these years!!! @nextmodels @arthurdemarchelier @nextcanada @didier.belleguic ♥️♥️♥️

Een bericht gedeeld door Mélie Tiacoh (@melie_tiacoh) op

Myrthe Bolt

Willow Hand

Gizele Oliveira

Barbara Palvin

Herieth Paul

Alexina Graham

Devon Windsor


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Wow. I’m not honestly sure what to say, or how to begin, to thank these people who have come and forever changed my life for the better. Thank you to all my friends, family, agents and the people from VS who have believed in me 6 years in a row!!!!! I think people think it gets easier every year, and I can honestly say that is not true. Every year gets more and more difficult and I find myself wanting it even more ! I have never worked so hard or wanted anything in my life so badly. So, to be rewarded for that is a feeling I cannot describe! Congrats to all of the other girls walking as well, I know you all have been working your booties off for this, and I can’t wait to share this incredible moment with you! #VSFashionShow2018 #Number6 ❤️🙏🏼💋

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Leomie Anderson

Estelle Chen

Cindy Bruna

Grace Bol


Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram


Happy to be back @victoriassecret #victoriafashionshow @ed_razek @monica.mitro @10magazine @johndavidpfeiffer Thank You…♥️💋

Een bericht gedeeld door Grace Bol️️️️ (@gracebol) op

Megan Williams

Georgia Fowler

Kelly Gale

Barbara Fialho

Frida Aasen

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