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Droomjob-alert: reis gratis de wereld rond als stagiair van Discovery Channel

(Foto: Ben Mikha Facebook)

Het zijn geen makkelijke schoenen om te vullen, maar Discovery Channel is op zoek naar een nieuwe ‘Global Intern’, om de inmiddels populaire Ben Mikha op te volgen. De 26-jarige Ben werd vorig jaar gekozen uit duizenden aanmeldingen, om een jaar lang de wereld rond te reizen op kosten van Discovery Channel. Inmiddels staat Ben zijn Instagram vol met jaloersmakende foto’s, waarvan je instant wanderlust krijgt:


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De eisen van Discovery Channel zijn helemaal niet zo heel erg streng, zo vragen ze alleen dat je ‘avontuurlijk en creatief’ moet zijn (en dat je weinig last hebt van heimwee). Wanneer jij als winnaar wordt gekozen, ga je in 2018 reizen maken in Japan, de Verenigde Staten, Duitsland, Zuid-Afrika en Kroatië. Da’s een redelijk random lijstje landen, maar dat maakt het ook wel gelijk spannend. Oh en het beste? Je mag je beste vriend/vriendin op kosten van Discovery meenemen!

Finally back on my feet (but not really in this pic 😅) I took two weeks off to recover, truthfully speaking it was hard for me to not be out and about exploring with my camera. Having breaks like that can be necessary at times though, breaks confirm how passionate you really are about something when it’s taken away from you. The last couple of days were exactly what I needed, last minute plans with a couple of friends made through Instagram to find one of the best vantage points of Singapores city.. Funny because at a height like this, the ambience of a bustling city is drowned out and what remains is silent motion, an Ironic sense of peace amongst the madness. I’m excited to be back out there though, playing around with the @sonynz A7rii over the next couple of weeks, check out my story to see more shots of Singapore 🇸🇬🌃

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Hoe kun je je aanmelden?

Via deze website kun je jezelf aanmelden. Om mee te doen, moet je onder andere dit doen: “To enter, upload a 30-60 second video to YouTube or Vimeo that shows why you should be jetting around the globe as the Discovery Intern. Along with your video, submit a photo from an adventure you’ve had (at home or abroad) with an accompanying caption on what made it memorable. Entries are open until Sunday 17 December. Discovery will then choose 100 finalists who will be up for a public vote to determine who moves to the next round.”

Just two passengers on board an organic spaceship, flying through space. Southern beauty ☽

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Making new friends in Bali ✈︎ we spent the morning watching the sun seep through the coconut trees at these amazing rice terraces. The little buddy I have in my arms showed us to this spot (legit followed him as he turned around every few seconds to see if we were following) until he leaped in to the terraces in front of one of the local cultivators 😂 I’ve spent the last four weeks in and out of Bali and have absolutely fallen in love with this island. Also, I have something exciting to announce.. I’ve recently started a HUGE takeover on @discoverychannel page! This is massive for me as I have the privilege to share some of my most meaningful travel stories with a global audience. Never would I have thought something like this would happen for me in 2017. So thankful, but head on over and read some of my favourite stories as I continue to share them this week ↠ 🌴

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The feeling of being home after constant travel. Nothing beats the rugged wild West 🌊 #newzealand

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There’s nothing more kiwi than a sunset, a jetty and a long exposure. Always love being home, sometimes we come back after traveling only to see things differently. Our little bubble that is Aotearoa is so distant from large land masses that there’s a sort of naivety in our society. Though it has its flaws, it has it’s positives too, not many places you’ll find abroad are as safe and as civilised as NZ. We’re also lucky to not have neighbouring countries war torn or poverty stricken. It’s pretty amazing that you’ll find a couple of islands in the South Pacific home to many different cultures, in many ways NZ has a lot of teach the world. But on the contrary, i’d also encourage Kiwis to get out there to see and experience the world for themselves, living in one of the worlds “Top 10 countries” means the other 100+ has a lot to teach us about our home, I guarantee you’ll find a deep sense of gratitude for what we have. Couple more days back home then it’s back to 41,000ft ✈︎ #NewZealand

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