The top-10 most Instagrammed places in the world

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More often than we would like to admit we choose our holiday destinations based on Instagram. But we aren’t the only ones, therefore, we’ll make it easier for you to decide on your next travel destination by releasing this year’s most Instagrammed cities. If you’re looking for the perfect place during winter times, Bern is the place to be. But let’s take a look at the overall list, any time of the year:

10. Barcelona

The Spanish capital isn’t just the place to be during summer. The city’s endless colours (thanks to Gaudí’s amazing architecture) give the city a tropical vibe regardless of the season. The beach, architecture and food seem to be the most popular spots in town on social media.

Onks tänään tiistai? 🌞

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9. Istanbul

One of the most unique cities in the world as it’s located on two continents. On one side of the river, you find Europe and the other Asia. This massive river crossing is also what makes this city a perfect one for Instagram. Alongside its amazing mosques and bazaars.

🏰🏰İstanbul’un Kuruluşu Efsanesi🏰🏰 — 📜Efsaneye göre Koressa’nın oğlu Yunanistan’ın Megara kentinden genç Byzas yandaşlarıyla birlikte bölgedeki baskılardan kurtulmak yeni bir kent kurmak ve özgürlüğünü ilan etmek için yola çıkar. — 📜Delfoi kentindeki herşey bilen bir kahine şehri nereye kuracağını danışır. Kahin “Kentini kuracağın yer körler ülkesinin tam karşısında olacak.” kehanetinde bulunur. Byzas yola çıkar, ama tüm çabasına rağman körler ülkesi diye bir yer bulamaz. — 📜Sonunda mola verdikleri bir deniz kıyısında karşı sahile bakar ve düşünür: “Bu insanlar kör mü burası varken orada oturulur mu?” Kahinin sözleri aklına gelir ve şehri bulunduğu yerde kurmaya karar verir. Karşı kıyıda yer alan şehir “Khalkedonia” yani bugünkü Kadıköy’dür. — 📜Temelleri Sarayburnu sırtlarında atılan kente kurucusunun adı olan Byzas’tan dolayı “Byzas’ın kenti” anlamında “Byzantion” denmiştir. photo by @ilkinkaracan

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8. Jakarta

In the heart of Indonesia, you’ll find a chaotic but colourful city that’s perfect for Instagram. The contrast between authentic buildings and huge skyscrapers reflects the current transition the city is undergoing.

7. St Petersburg

Though Paris is romantic? Take a look at St Petersburg. On every corner, you’ll find an architectural delight that looks a lot more European than most people expect. Some snow will only add to the romance of the city.

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6. Los Angeles

The perfect blend of city and beach life. Palm trees, Venice Beach and Sunset Boulevard, make this the place to be for a good Instagram shot.

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5. Paris

The city of love obviously can’t be left out on this list. From the Eiffel Tower to the Seine, romance is always a winner on social media.

One day we’re gonna live in Paris, I promise 🎶 #paris

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4. São Paulo

Brazil’s capital is the definition of a massive city. Enough to see and certainly enough to share on Instagram.

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3. London

Our favourite city in the world. So busy but oh so pretty. Compared to other European cities, London is also a pretty big one so enough to see and do.

L O N D O N // Foggy mornings ☁ Thinking of which Christmas markets to visit, what would you recommend?

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2. Moscow

The Russian capital just missed the first place but it is the second Russian city on the list so that’s a win. The cold city of Moscow is a favourite on Instagram not because of its weather but mostly the Red Square.

1. New York

We can’t imagine a better city than the one that never sleeps to top the list. There’s always something to do in NYC (even when it rains) so it’s no surprise that Instagram is an all-time favourite.

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