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The 5 most stunning Airbnb apartments in magical Edinburgh

(Photos via University of Edinburgh/Airbnb)

If we would have to name one European city that’s extremely underrated, Scotland’s capital Edinburgh would probably pop into our minds first. Visiting this city feels like stepping into a real-life Harry Potter world. When we visited the beautiful city a few years back it immediately stole our hearts and we can’t wait to be back very soon. You might need to climb a bit when visiting this place but it will 100% be worth it; from the Edinburg Castle to Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill. So you’ll probably need a good night’s rest, preferably in a good location. Therefore, we’ve collected the 5 best Airbnb apartments you can rent in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland.

Superb apartment in historic centre | One of our favourite places in Edinburgh has got to be the beautiful curved Victoria Street in the Old Town (where you can get the best pulled pork ever). This 4-guest apartment happens to be located right there on the central Grassmarket, a picturesque part of town. Besides the awesome location, the apartment is perfect for some simple modern interior design.

Heart of the Royal Mile with roof terrace | Another favourite of ours in Edinburgh is the Royal Mile, this endless street shows exactly what the city is known for and ends with the sight of the beautiful castle. What better place to stay than in an apartment on the Royal Mile. Plus, if you don’t feel like walking, the roof terrace offers a splendid view of the city ánd Arthur’s Seat.

Castle Rock View | Another high point of Edinburg (we could go on forever) is the stunning Edinburgh Castle. Guess what, this apartment offers a splendid view of the castle so you can enjoy your dinner or morning cup of coffee with probably the best view of the city. Certainly a room with a view.

City Centre Georgian Main Door Flat in New Town | If you’re more interested in staying in a comfy Airbnb regardless of the location, this is the place to be. The interior reflects exactly what Edinburgh is known for; it’s classic and historical beauty. In this apartment, you’ll find exactly that and nothing else. Kind of like stepping into a time machine and let’s hope the oldtimer comes with it.

The Bonnie Bide Awa’ | If the previous Airbnb doesn’t offer exactly that over the top feeling you prefer in Edinburgh then this place tops it all. A historical Georgian apartment decorated in nothing but ‘style’. At least you’ll feel like a real royal here while staying in Edinburgh.

Prefer a hotel?

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