A very hot actor has been added to the Riverdale Season 2 cast

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Here’s something that will get you even more excited for Riverdale Season 2 because Betty Cooper’s boyfriend Cole Sprouse (on- and off-screen) won’t be the only hot guy you’ll soon be able to admire in the series. Apparently, Betty’s brother will make an appearance in the series for the coming season and as soon as we saw his face we forgot all about Cole (we still love you!).

Bettys brother, Chic, will be played by Hart Denton who is a pretty unknown actor, which we absolutely don’t understand because just look at those looks. Just like his sister and mum in the series he has got some stunning blonde locks and blue eyes. Apart from his looks, it appears he will also have a crucial role in the new season:

Betty’s long-lost brother,” it reads. “Growing up in the foster system, then living on his own since he was 18, Chic is tough, resourceful, rough around the edges, and distrustful of new people. He knows how to look out for himself–he’s a survivor–but his mysterious past is a secret only he knows. Chic didn’t finish high school, hustles to scrape together a living on the fringes of society. There’s a darkness to Chic that is both sexy and scary.

goodbye old life

Een bericht gedeeld door ♥♥♥♥♥♥ (@hartdenton) op

respect to the champ. sting like a bee. rest in peace.

Een bericht gedeeld door ♥♥♥♥♥♥ (@hartdenton) op

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