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Adam Lyons is living the life!

Adam Lyons is living the dream with with his two bisexual girlfriends all under one roof. Brooke Shedd and Jane Shalakhova are both more than happy to be in the ‘throuple’ and are going to move to Los Angeles with Adam. The trio share a super-kingsize bed and take it in turns to have romantic date nights as well steamy sessions under the covers. Brooke already has a five-year-old son who lives with them and has recently given birth to a son with Adam, called Dante. But it wasn’t always so sweet for Adam who spent much of his teenage years and early twenties as a bit of a loner. Tired of being alone, he then began researching how to pick up women.

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Adam started YouTube channel AFCAdamLondon, teaching other men how to pick up women. Despite living the champagne lifestyle, Adam decided he wanted to settle down and met a woman who he eventually got married to. They moved to Texas but began seeing other people while still married to try and spice things up. Things changed after Adam’s wife suggested sleeping with her friend Brooke. They began spending more and more time together and eventually slept together after a date. After dating for a while, Adam realised he wanted to end his marriage and so the couple finished things amicably. Although Adam and Brooke were thrilled to finally be together, they didn’t want a monogamous relationship.

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A sh*tload of casual threesomes later, they finally met photographer Jane in a nightclub in Texas and immediately hit it off. Jane had only ever been in a monogamous relationship prior to meeting Adam and Brooke but was delighted with how little pressure there was with the three of them together. The trio all moved to Los Angeles in 2014 in order for Jane to continue her work as a photographer and are living an awesome, carefree life. But it’s not all about the family life for the ‘throuple’ as they like to involve a fourth person in their sexual lives too. Sounds like Adam’s life is one big night of debauchery. And we’re all a little bit jealous too…

Source The Lad Bible

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