Aldi’s selling matching Christmas jumpers for you and your dog

(Photos via Aldi)

Fashion trends come and go but when it comes to Christmas there’s one item that never goes out of style: the ugly Christmas jumper. As Christmas is the perfect time of the year to come together and celebrate, we’re surprised to find out that one family member has been left out of all this fun. Until now. Because Aldi is finally selling matching Christmas jumpers for you and your dog.

The Christmas Pet Jumpers are made for your pet to ‘beat the cold weather; whether they’re being cute in the house or being cute outside on a long walk.’ They even come in different colours and sizes. Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones going crazy over this cuteness overload because the jumpers are currently sold out online but if you’re lucky enough you might find them in store.

PS. Looking for more ugly Christmas jumper fun? Peaky Blinders fans will love this one.

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