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Amazing house n Sai Kung, Hong Kong

If there’s one thing to know about housing in Hong Kong, it’s that space is limited. From the working class to the upper crust, housing a population of almost 7.6 million people in a condensed 426 sq. mile space can get cozy, to say the least. The situation requires attentive space management, and to feel the slightest air of roominess in a modern home seems a great luxury, given the context. Here we applaud Millimeter Interior Design for remodeling work on a home in the Sai Kung district. The 455 sq. meter split-level home was completely reconstructed to enhance the sense of space and ambience between the floors. Glass and brushed steel are used liberally through the staircase, garage, and common areas, giving the home a distinct fluidity no matter one’s location. A cleverly sunken-in kitchen and elevating dining table only add to this smart, elegant design. Enjoy photos of the home here, and learn more about Millimeter Interior Design on the firm’s website.

house-in-sai-kung-by-millimeter-interior-design-1 house-in-sai-kung-by-millimeter-interior-design-2 house-in-sai-kung-by-millimeter-interior-design-3 house-in-sai-kung-by-millimeter-interior-design-4 house-in-sai-kung-by-millimeter-interior-design-5 house-in-sai-kung-by-millimeter-interior-design-6 house-in-sai-kung-by-millimeter-interior-design-7 house-in-sai-kung-by-millimeter-interior-design-8 house-in-sai-kung-by-millimeter-interior-design-9 house-in-sai-kung-by-millimeter-interior-design-10

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