American fashion label is trying to make the swastika ‘trendy’ again

(Photo via KA Design)

After reading that exact same headline we were also hoping this is all just part of some really bad joke but unfortunately, no. The American fashion label KA Design is really trying to bring the swastika back into the fashion world and we’re so confused. To make it even worse they’re displaying the symbol together with words such as ‘love’, ‘zen’ and ‘peace’ combined with loads of happy rainbow colours. All with the purpose of turning the symbol, with a rather negative past, positive again. As probably anyone could have predicted this all failed big time. It all started with this video:

As probably most people know, the Nazi’s weren’t the first ones to use the swastika, instead, it was a commonly used symbol for spiritual events. However, KA Design seems to have forgotten that nowadays the symbol mostly reminds people of all the millions of innocent people who died during WW2. We can’t even think of all the hatred people are going to get backfired when wearing these shirts on the streets. The Internet agrees and is calling for a #boycottTeespring:

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