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Architect-turned-baker creates stunning geometric pastries using 3D printers

(Photos via Dinara Kasko)

If you’re surprised about the career switches of these sexy hot felons, then this one will surprise you even more. The Ukrainian baker Dinara Kasko hasn’t been making yummy things all her life, for her previous job as an architect she used mathematics, algorithms and complex diagramming techniques on a daily basis. However, she hasn’t let go of her past experiences now that she likes to bake. Instead, she loves to combine the two.

For her latest creations, she has used the digital inventions of 3D printers to create volumetric geometries as tart designs. As a result, Dinara’s creations are even described as art but don’t worry they aren’t left to rot in a museum but enjoyed by a few lucky customers. The idea behind her creations? Creating as much a culinary experience as a visual one.

Check out her website and Instagram for more information.

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