The Coincidence Project is filled with photos that will make you look twice

(Photos via Denis Cherim)

We love to share cool photography projects. Some projects, however, do more than just meet the eye. They make you think or sometimes even feel something more. Those projects deserve some special attention, therefore, we would like to share The Coincidence Project by London/Madrid-based photographer Denis Cherim, which will give you some serious feels.

Every photo will make you look twice and even then you’ll still be surprised that so much coincidence is possible in one photo. Turn this into a whole photo project and you’ll be left stunned. In a positive sense of course, because the objects in these photos fit perfectly together, making it the perfect material for perfectionists.

My powerful desire to observe and feel the world and nature has led to me discovering my passion: capturing the essence of spontaneity and coincidence. Being divided between Madrid and London, I enjoy spending my time wandering and exploring the surroundings as much as possible.

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