Balenciaga’s new $2,145 tote bag looks very similar to that 99-cent Ikea bag

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Fashion is known to be fun. Just sometimes the price tag isn’t as much fun. But when the price tag doesn’t really match up with the weirdness of the fashion item, it just becomes one big joke. Well, we think we’ve found the biggest fashion joke of the moment. Balenciaga just released their Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag and it looks strikingly similar to that bag we use when going furniture shopping. Yes, we’re talking about the famous 99-cent FRAKTA Ikea bag. Even though there’s an obvious difference in material, as the Ikea bag is made of plastic and the Balenciaga one from “wrinkled, glazed leather”, there’s an even bigger price difference. Balenciaga is charging about 2,145 times as much as Ikea’s: $2,145 in total. Ouch!
However, this isn’t the first time Balenciaga has been spotted copycatting. Last month we saw Balenciaga release bags for thousands of dollars, which looked very similar to laundry bags that cost around $2. Perhaps the new creative director, Demna Gvasalia, has lost his creativity since he also released these absurd but cut-out Levi’s jeans for his own brand Vetements.




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