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Beauty brand Glossier is finally shipping to the UK and here’s everything you need to know

(Photos via Glossier)

We’ve got the feeling that today a lot of UK-based makeup lovers’ credit cards are mourning but their hearts are filled with nothing but joy. You could say it’s a very special day because the American beauty brand Glossier is finally shipping to a European country (for now) and the lucky ones are the Brits. Within just three years time Glossier has become one of the most millennial-loved beauty brands on the planet, perhaps it’s because of their amazing marketing, pretty packaging or one-of-a-kind products, either way, the Brits are ready to find out.

Tomorrow 🇬🇧

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📦🇬🇧 We’ve arrived in the UK! 🇬🇧📦 Get in there —>

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We are LIVE in the U.K.! 🇬🇧

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So let Glossier’s founder, CEO and beauty Emily Weiss tell you what you’ve been missing out on (via Harper’s Bazaar):

1.Balm Dotcom, £10 | Get yours here

Afternoon snack

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“If I had to use one product as a desert island companion, I’d have to say our Balm Dotcom, I go crazy if I don’t have a lip moisturiser on me at all times and Balm Dotcom is the thickest, most long-wearing lip balm I’ve ever used and it smells divine. The coconut is a personal favourite. Birthday is remarkably good – which I say as a 32-year-old woman!”

2.Boy Brow, £14 | Get yours here

What’s up LA

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“My other favourite is Boy Brow. It’s a brow grooming pomade. That product had a 10,000-person waitlist at one point. People have really latched on to it. It means you don’t have to use a pencil and a brow gel, it combines both of those, lightly filling brows in and holding them into place.”

3.Priming Moisturizer Rich, £29 | Get yours here

“Priming Moisturizer Rich is basically a £300 cream for £29 – it’s the equivalent of a super expensive cream. That’s an incredible product. The Rich has the same anti-redness formula and oxygenating ingredients as the regular Priming Moisturizer but it’s a much thicker, more luxurious cream in a jar. It works really, really well under make-up – foundations and concealers – and also it’s great for more mature skin types. Perfect with winter coming up.”

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