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Beer Pong just got a classy upgrade: Prosecco Pong is here

(Photo via Firebox/DesignMyNight)

We’re pretty sure Prosecco was invented to save the world as it already has a pretty long list of achievements to its name, such as lick-able nail polish, pet-friendly drinks and alcoholic cake frosting. Now we can add an upgrade to the classic Beer Pong to that list because Prosecco Pong is going to be the ultimate start of any weekend from now onwards.

The game promises to “bring a touch of class to the usual pong proceedings”. That sounds very promising because you can never go wrong with a bit of class (and bright pink ping pong balls). For £14.99 you can purchase your set of Prosecco Pong here.

Gin & Tonics more your thing? Gin Pong exists!

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