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Behind these dark doors hides one of Amsterdam’s most amazing homes

(Photos via Funda)

It’s no surprise that Amsterdam is filled with stunning homes. While in most parts of the city this is already noticeable on the outside, there are some truly hidden gems out there too where this isn’t exactly the case. Today we’ve found a real one-of-a-kind apartment, which reveals once again to never judge a book by its cover.

Behind these old, graffiti-filled doors hides one of Amsterdam’s most stunning homes, which is now worth €3,3 million. Nevertheless, this wasn’t the case when owners Emily Gray and Marius Haverkamp bought the home around 10 years ago. For €550.000 the children’s clothes designer and contractor decided to buy the place and added their own fashionable but vintage touch to it. Now it’s worth almost 5 times the original price. Yep, beauty comes with a price.

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