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Bella Hadid celebrated her 21st birthday in a stunning dress and with a very naked snap

(Photos via Glamour)

You would think that it’s impossible for the stunning Bella Hadid to shock us anymore with her outfits as we’ve seen it all: naked dresses, men’s sports clothing and a few flashing knickers. However, for her 21st birthday, she managed to do it again. Together with her family, she went out for a birthday dinner in New York wearing a stunning yet revealing dress. But not before sharing a very sexy photo on Instagram, revealing what she was wearing underneath the dress.

Sister Gigi wore a stunning powder blue suit but birthday girl Bella decided to go for a tight silk dress with skin showing on the sides. However, that wasn’t all that Bella showed off as she revealed on Instagram what she was wearing underneath the stunning dress. The best way to celebrate being an adult with some nakedness. Happy Birthday, Bella!

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