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The 5 most amazing Airbnb apartments for a sunny weekend getaway in Barcelona

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As the long summer nights on terraces and beaches are officially gone, we’re trying to think of ways to spend the dark and cold winter nights. You could spend them in a cosy cinema with an exciting film or you could just go back to a place where the sun is shining, such as Barcelona! We’ve already summed up the best Airbnb apartments you can rent in Amsterdam, New York City and London but the Spanish capital certainly has a unique relaxed vibe that is perfect for a weekend getaway during autumn.

Charming, very spacious & best located

It doesn’t matter where you’re spending your weekend getaway as long as you’re with your best friends. If this means going on holiday to Barcelona with 8 friends then this amazing apartment is the place to be. It consists of 3 double bedrooms, 2 complete bathrooms a giant living room and kitchen. Plus, it’s located within 10 minutes walking distance from Plaza Catalunya.

Romantic flat, in the heart of old BCN

It doesn’t even matter where an apartment is located but as soon as we see industrial features in the home we’re sold. This apartment for three is located at the heart of the old town and the home’s old features are still visible as a brick wall and wooden balustrading.

Double Room in El vaixell de paper

Just when we thought we had found the highpoint of industrial apartments in Barcelona, we find this apartment from our dreams. Its high ceilings are due to its history as it’s a building dating from the medieval period. So if you’re fed up with Barcelona (impossible) then we’re sure you’ll enjoy yourself in this stunning home plus balcony.

Design & Cosy in front Sagrada Familia

If big and industrial homes aren’t your thing, this adorable home shows you can fit a lot in just a small space. This modern apartment consists of two double bedrooms and is located around the corner of the stunning Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia View Studio-Loft

If you want to get even closer to the Sagrada Familia, why not just stay in a home opposite the stunning building. This studio/loft has a spacious rooftop with an amazing view. The place itself also has everything you need for two guests.

Of course staying in a nice apartment during your weekend getaway is important but sightseeing is too. Make sure to check out Barcelona’s ‘new’ must-see: Gaudí’s first house in Barcelona ‘Casa Vicens‘, which has opened to the public again after 130 years of renovation works.


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