Bill Skarsgård is back in new haunting Stephen King series but without his horror clown costume

(Photos via Hulu)

Just when we thought 2017 must be the year of weird eyebrow trends, the Stephen King film adaptations just keep coming in. The first one of the year, IT, broke horror box office records and what’s to come also looks very promising. Next up is the series Castle Rock, which covers many of King’s famous stories. To cut to the case, we’ll admit we are way too scared to even watch one second of a horror film, let alone a series. But there’s one thing that can turn that all around: a hot actor. In IT we were introduced to Bill Skarsgård, the pretty face behind killer clown Pennywise, but unfortunately, the haunting mask wasn’t removed. Luckily this changes in the new upcoming series, where Bill plays an inmate at Shawshank Prison and this time without his clown costume.

Castle Rock will premiere in 2018.

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