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Boozy lipstick: these miniature lipstick wine bottles contain real wine

(Photos via Africa Studio/Shutterstock/Instagram)

It hasn’t officially been confirmed yet but we can conclude based on personal experiences that wine makes everything better. A regular Tuesday night (not so much the day after) or a boring birthday party, wine is your best friend. Cosmetic brand Labiotte must feel the same way because they’ve decided to create lipsticks, lipglosses and lip balms in the shape of cute miniature wine bottles and glasses. To make this even more fun the products contain extracts from France premium wine. Boozy lip products, yes please!

No need to drink numerous glasses of wine to find out your lips have suddenly turned very dark because these lipsticks will do that for you (minus the teeth). Wine extract is known to have anti-ageing effects so the boozy lipsticks will also make your lips more beautiful while moisturizing them. Besides real wine, the lip products only contain natural ingredients.

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