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Taking your mates (or girl) to the Beer Hotel will make them happier than they’ve ever been


Every once in a while we like to go on a weekend getaway with our mates. We look for the perfect destination, hotel and group of friends so we can do some serious group bonding and sightseeing. Wait, what? Who are we fooling?! We all know the real reason why these weekend getaways exist: beer. One hotel who understand the importance of beer is the DogHouse Hotel & Brewery, which features rooms with a personal beer tap, minibars filled with beers, a spa and wellness where guests are treated with beer products and even a hot tub filled with IPA beer. Forget Disney, this is the new happiest place on Earth.


The masterminds behind the Beer Hotel are the Scottish beer makers from BrewDog. Unfortunately, their Beer Hotel is still only a project but after they launched a crowdfunding campaign they outnumbered their target within days, which means the Beer Hotel is really happening. According to BrewDogco-founder and CEO James Watt “Beer geeks around the world have been crying out for a beer hotel since we first shared the idea on social media, so we’re going to kick-start the most ambitious project we’ve ever planned, all with the backing of our global community of beer fans.

The BrewDog Craft Beer Hotel & Sour Beer Facility will open in 2018 in Columbus, Ohio.

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