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Bride surprises her grandma by wearing her old wedding dress and the photos are beautiful

(Photos via Kortney Peterson)

It doesn’t matter if you want to get married, are married or absolutely don’t want to get married because these photos will, either way, break your heart. In a good way. A while ago we fell in love with this adorable couple who decided to finally take their wedding photos, 60 years after their wedding. The bride in this story is a lot younger but still, her story has a very nostalgic touch. Jordyn Jensen decided to wear her grandma’s wedding dress from 1962 for her own wedding without her grandmother Penny Jensen knowing about it. Good thing photographer Kortney Peterson was at the event because Penny’s response to the dress being given a new life is heartbreakingly beautiful:

She explained: “The grandmother had no idea the bride even had her dress in her possession. Jordyn and I stepped out [of the rehearsal dinner] and got her all ready and into the dress. We got her grandmother to step outside and we showed her the old photo of her in the dress that was going to be displayed at the wedding.

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