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Cards Against Humanity launches badass plan to stop Trump’s wall

(Photos via WRAL/Cards Against Humanity)

The world proved us wrong when we all thought Trump can’t become president. Now Cards Against Humanity is doing the same to the notion that a card game can’t change the world. You might know the card game from many drunk nights (if you can remember them) but those cards, or more like the company behind them, has some bigger plans than getting your drunk. Like most people they don’t agree with Trump’s plan to build a wall on the border of Mexico only difference is that they’re determined to do something about it. As a result, Cards Against Humanity Stops the Wall was born.

This all started with a crowdfunding campaign to buy land where Trump’s wall would be built. Pretty genius right. Now they’ve launched a backup plan, which involves a catapult to destroy the wall.

Since the Trump administration is committed to using 12th-century military technology to protect our country from Mexican invaders, we have responded in kind by building a 30-foot trebuchet, a medieval catapult designed to destroy walls. We paid 300 gold to increase its attack damage, so it’s very powerful.

Unfortunately, Cards Against Humanity admits that their master plan isn’t going to work for legal reasons but nevertheless, they offer other ways to stop Trump from building the wall. Head over to their website to read more.

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