You can rent an entire Caribbean island on Airbnb

(Photo via Airbnb)

It’s 2017, which means you don’t need to sail the world to find some abandoned island, instead, you just book a private island from behind your laptop via Airbnb. Still looking for a holiday destination with a bit of tropical vibes and loads of privacy? This is the place! We’re sure Robinson Crusoe would approve. The Bird Island is located just off the coast of Belize and is described as the perfect place for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and exploring. We can see that, yeah.

The place accommodates 6 people, which actually makes it a pretty ‘cheap’ spot for €522 a night. Plus, no complaining neighbours if you’re having a bit of a party. Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity as one of the previous guests describes: “there’s nothing that compares to being on your own in the middle of the ocean”. We’re already a big fan of Airbnb but these special locations, just like this spot on top of an active volcano in Hawai, makes it one of the best ways to find unique spots to celebrate your holiday. You can book your stay at the Bird Island here.

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