These celebrities look so much like their kids at their age they could be doppelgangers

(Photos via Bored Panda)

Another piece of proof that celebrities are just normal people. Sometimes it may seem like they’re supernatural people who somehow poses tons of talents (such as good looks) but these photos prove they do have genes and therefore, look a surprisingly lot like their parents. Bored Panda placed photos of celebrities and their kids next to each other of when they were the same age and the result makes it look like they’re just creepy doppelgangers. In for another game of who’s the mum and who’s the daughter? 

Ava Elizabeth Phillippe And Reese Witherspoon at age 18

Lily-Rose Melody Depp And Vanessa Paradis at age 18

Kaia Gerber And Cindy Crawford at age 16

Ziggy Marley And Bob Marley at age 35

Colin Hanks And Tom Hanks In Their 30s

Mamie Gunner And Meryl Streep In Their 30s

Scott Eastwood And Clint Eastwood At Age 30

Brooklyn Beckham At Age 15 And David Beckham At Age 17

Georgia May Jagger And Mick Jagger At Age 25

Zoë Kravitz And Lisa Bonet In Their 20s

Alexander Skarsgård And Stellan Skarsgård At Their 30s

Charlie Sheen And Martin Sheen At Age 28

Kate Hudson And Goldie Hawn At Age 33

Gigi Hadid And Yolanda Hadid At Age 18

Sean Lennon And John Lennon At Age 31

Chris Pine And Robert Pine In Their 30s

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