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Channing Tatum proves he’s the perfect husband in heartwarming birthday message

(Photos via SAMIR HUSSEIN/WIREIMAGE/Instagram)

If we would have to name one favourite celebrity couple in Hollywood it would be Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Their humour turns even a simple birthday message into a hilarious one. Can’t beat that. Unless your name’s Channing Tatum. He stole every girl’s heart with his Magic Mike performance but one girl in particular. His Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan Tatum, who’s now Channing’s lucky wife and lucky she certainly is with a birthday message like this one:

Sorry, Ryan but Channing just won the world’s best #InstagramHusband and can we add #relationshipgoals to that one too.

@jennaldewan I’m not sure if this woman is my Rainbow or my pot of gold but I’m lucky either way happy birthday cake baby!

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