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Charcoal hair dye is the latest hair dye trend you need to try this winter

(Photo via Best Health Magazine Canada/Instagram)

Your appearance is the perfect way to express yourself because if you don’t do it with words you might as well do it with your outfit, hairstyle or even nail style. As autumn is approaching, it’s time to adjust your look accordingly. You could go for a pumpkin spice ombre hairdo or autumn nail styles but how about the darker days. The latest hair trend adds exactly to those vibes. We’ve already seen charcoal coffee to start your day with your darkest soul but now you can even get charcoal hair dye. Don’t worry, this is something completely different than black hair since it consists of a mix between black and grey tints. This will get us through winter!

☠️🖤 Midnight Black to Charcoal Grey 🖤☠️ @olaplex @pulpriothair @redken ⚡️

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