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Christian Bale looks unrecognisable after dramatic film transformation

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On top of our list of ‘favourite actors’, you can find the talented Christian Bale. He has starred in numerous world-famous films, where he often takes on a completely different role. This often requires him to really transform into a character, mentally ánd physically. Christian has been named one of the most dedicated actors in history due to his extreme weight loss and gain for different roles. For example, for The Machinist, he lost 60 lbs, which is a record for any actor. Now, Christian is doing the exact opposite for his new film by eating lots of pies.

Christian’s weight gain, bleached eyebrows and shaved head are all part of the upcoming biopic Backseat, in which Bale plays former US Vice President Dick Cheney. The film will tell the story of Cheney’s influence during the George Bush administration following the 9/11 attacks. Besides Christian, Amy Adams and Steve Carell will also star in the film. Certainly an interesting transformation for an interesting film.

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