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Christian Bale looks unrecognisable after dramatic film transformation

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Last week, Christian Bale made headlines with his upcoming western thriller film. Not just because of the unusual genre but mostly because every film with Chris tends to be an instant success. Now there’s another reason to admire this upcoming film because it might be the actor’s last film in a while in which you can admire his good-looking version. For his next film, Chris has undergone a dramatic transformation by gaining a lot of weight (thanks to eating loads of pies) and dyeing his eyebrows.

Why?! Well all for the sake of the upcoming biopic Backseat, in which Bale plays the role of former US Vice President Dick Cheney. The film will look at Cheney’s influence during the George Bush administration following the 9/11 attacks.

In the meantime, take some time to admire Chris’ upcoming film Hostiles:

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