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Christmas tree eyebrows are the latest absurd brow trend to end the year with

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This year the world discovered that eyebrows serve a much bigger purpose than just being there and looking pretty. We’ve seen absurd eyebrow trends follow each other at high speed, from #featherbrows and wire eyebrows to wavey brows and braided eyebrows. Now the absurd eyebrow trend is ending the year with a bang, known as Christmas tree brows.

Christmas Tree Eyebrows 🎄 Yes or No? 🤔 #christmastreeeyebrows

Een bericht gedeeld door Taylor R (@taytay_xx) op

The trend was introduced by vlogger Taylor, who also went viral this year with her nose hair extension look. She used Vaseline to decorate her brows and added some glitters, stars and topped it off with a red lip. As things go in the world of beauty and the Internet, others are trying out the trend now too. Some are even painting their eyebrows green. Looks like this Christmas is all about decorating boobs, pineapples, upside-down trees and eyebrows because a regular Christmas tree is so 2016.

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