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Dream job: Disney is hiring people to travel the world on their luxurious cruises

(Photos via Disney)

The real Disney fans can enjoy food while acting like a princess at the Beauty and the Beast-themed dining experience in London. But what if you could be a Disney princess while getting paid ánd travelling the world?! That probably sounds like magic but just wait until you read Disney’s new job opportunities. “At Disney Cruise Line, you can set sail on the job opportunity of a lifetime!

They’re currently hiring people for numerous different positions (bartender, makeup-artist, lifeguard, hostess or entertainer) for their 2018 Cruises: the Disney magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream or the Disney Fantasy. Each cruise comes with a different theme and, thus, a different exciting clothing theme.

All you’ve got to do is book a ticket to America, speak fluently English, be 21-years or older and have some work experience in one of the positions. Plus, you’ve got to convince Disney you’re a real fan but that’ll be easy. You can apply here.

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