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End your day at the zoo at the most romantic restaurant in Amsterdam: De Plantage

(Photos via De Plantage)

Every city has its own history, culture and food but one thing they tend to have in common is a zoo. Somehow during every city trip, we end up in a zoo, not because we like to look at sad animals being locked up in a cage, more the opposite, but because it’s seen as a nice day out. In Amsterdam, however, we’ve got the best alternative to the zoo or the best way to end a day at the zoo because right next to Artis (the Amsterdam Zoo) you’ll find one of the best restaurants in town: De Plantage.

As soon as you enter the Plantage you feel as though you’ve walked right into a chic bar from the 50’s. We couldn’t think of a better start. The spacious entrance and bar offers people the opportunity to just walk in for a cup of coffee or cocktail without making a reservation. Behind the bar, you’ll find the rest of the restaurant, designed in a t-shape, where the high points of the evening take place. The restaurant is located right next to the zoo so you can peek inside through the windows of the restaurant. Outside you’ll also find a big terrace, which turns into a magical place once the sun goes down:

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It almost feels like you’ve been transported to Disneyland. Definitely, the most romantic place you’ll find in East-Amsterdam. But enough swooning about the location and its interior, because that isn’t exactly what we came for. Together with four friends, we enjoyed our meals and unanimously concluded that the food was fantastic with just one minor disadvantage, which we’ll discuss later on. We started the evening with two shared ‘Plat Plantage’ (for 2 people), a vegetarian one and one with meat. Soon our table was filled with all kinds of meat and different vegetarian dips. Gorgeous ánd delicious!

That minor disadvantage? Due to the spacious building and its interior, you’ll notice a lot of echoes, which makes it hard for others at your table to hear you and vice-versa. Therefore, our tip would be to ask for a table on the right side (when you walk in), here you’ll be able to sit closer together. Furthermore, no complaints about this amazing place, where you can definitely bring your first, second or hundredth date!

De Plantage
Plantage Kerklaan 36
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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