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Enjoy dinner at the most beautiful hotel lobby in Amsterdam at restaurant 5&33

We find it hard to believe there are actually people in the world who don’t like truffle. We, on the other hand, are absolute fans. From the moment we’ve discovered the existence of truffle mayonnaise we’ve been eating about everything with the delicious substance such as sandwiches, pasta and even straight from the jar. So when we heard that we can find the best truffle pasta in Amsterdam right across central station we had to take a look. Even though the restaurant is a located this central it really is a hidden treasure. Inside the Art’otel, straight across from central station, you’ll find 5&33 and here you’ll enter food heaven.

After visiting numerous food cafes it’s always good to enter a place where you immediately sense you’ll be treated like a princess. This is exactly what happened at 5&33 because the chefs know exactly what to do. During the whole evening meal, we were assisted by host Miguel who guided us through the menu and recommended his favourite dishes.

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As expected he highly recommended the truffle pasta and for this, we would like to thank him once again because this is probably the best (and most filling) truffle pasta we’ve ever had. Whoever thought pasta is boring certainly hasn’t tried this one.

The idea behind the menu at 5&33 is that of shared dining, which we absolutely love since this way you’re able to try multiple dishes you otherwise probably wouldn’t order. We started off with buratta (so soft!), courgette fries and Jacob’s mussels au gratin. Oh, and of course a good glass of white wine because that seafood needs to swim, right. After this amazing start, we enjoyed the delicious pasta and grilled côte de Boeuf, which was so good we had to fight for the last piece.

As we had some trouble choosing the right wine we were lucky enough to have Miguel by our side. He recommended a delicious white wine for the starters but once we were served the Sicilian bottle of red wine (Nero d’ Avola, Tannu) we were transported into another world where only magical tastes exist. Trust us, this wine was so good we immediately ordered a whole box on the web.

For dessert we played safe and shared an Italian vanilla cheese cake, which our bellies and tight trousers certainly noticed. You’d think we couldn’t make it home after this explosion of food heaven, which is exactly what we expected. Therefore, we booked a hotel room in advance (the perks of a hotel restaurant). After walking approximately 16.5 meters we arrived at our hotel room, which has the exact right combination between modern design and a warm feeling. We know that might sound like we’re still a bit drunk from that red wine but perhaps some photos help:

We got a beautiful room with a view on central station and we can tell you that’s certainly a good way to wake up. This probably also had something to do with the amazing breakfast we got served in our room. So at 8:00 we woke up with a perfect cup of coffee, orange juice, overnight oats and loads more.

Even if it was only for the restaurant we would certainly recommend the Art’otel but if you want to spoil yourself (or your girl) make sure to book a night extra. We’ll definately be back.

Martelaardsgracht 5
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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