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Europe’s first underwater restaurant is opening in Norway

(Photos via Snøhetta)

In Dubai you can sleep underwater in floating villas but what if you prefer to dine with the fish? Soon all you’ll need to do is visit Norway because here an underwater restaurant will be opening soon. The only unique thing about this place isn’t just that it’s officially Europe’s first underwater restaurant but also its design. As the restaurant will be located five metres below the surface it’s designed to survive any storm but at the same time also gives you a very ‘open feeling’ due to the three-level high ceiling and a large window that lets you admire the beauty of the Norwegian sea life. In total there’s room for 100 guests.

Restaurant Under will be located on the southernmost point of Norway’s coastline and is designed by Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta. Unfortunately, there’s enough time before you need to start making a reservation because the restaurant won’t be finished until 2019. In the meantime, you can visit all the other 100 must-visits in Norway.

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