Fashion brand Missguided praised for sharing un-edited bikini photos leaving models’ stretch marks visible

(Photos via Missguided)

Body positivity is nothing new on social media but showing ‘real’ bodies in ads and campaigns is still something brands like to stay away from. A few months back ASOS made headlines with their untouched bikini campaign leaving models’ stretch marks clearly visible. Now fashion brand Missguided has followed their footsteps and we couldn’t be happier. For their latest bikini and lingerie campaign they stopped editing out models’ stretch marks and the result is surprisingly refreshing.

Stop the press, it’s a real woman’s body. The uniqueness of these un-edited campaign photos still shows how often fashion photos are edited, leaving models with clear and flawless skin but reality is that this isn’t the case. Therefore, the Internet is praising Missguided big time. Let’s hope this is only just the start.

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