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For real Mexican cuisine & vibes in Amsterdam you need to visit Taqueria Tacobar

Hotspots with endless types of draught beer, Instagram-worthy breakfast and local foods from the next door neighbour. We’ve seen it all here in Amsterdam. Luckily, we aren’t the only ones who are in for some good food without all the fuss. Add some Mexican vibes to that and you’ll feel perfectly at home at the Taqueria Tacobar in West Amsterdam. With just five different types of taco on the menu, a few simple side dishes and loads of Corona, we can guarantee you that this restaurant is the perfect recipe for an evening out (and hangover).

We’re drawing that conclusion based on personal experiences since we were lucky enough to check out the new Mexican hotspot ourselves. Due to the good weather, always a rare occasion over here, we could even check out the terrace. Even though some rain appeared later in the evening, it didn’t stop us from enjoying the food. Of course, we also had a look inside the restaurant, which immediately gave us even more Mexican vibes and proved that this is also the perfect place for some drinks when you’re not in the mood for dinner.

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In contrast to most restaurants in town, it’ll only take you about three minutes to read through the menu. What a revolution, this finally gives you more time to talk to your friends or date and less time to start doubting your order. As a result, this is the perfect place for a basic but relaxed Mexican dinner without too much fuss. Olé!

PS. Don’t worry if you’re not in for beer because the restaurant also serves great cocktails.

Taqueria Tacobar
Tweede Helmersstraat 26
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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