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Restaurant Pesca in Amsterdam serves the best and most affordable fish dishes in town

(Photos via Pesca)

Our perfect Saturday afternoon consists of getting fresh fish at the market and then spending hours turning it into a yummy dish. However, even after watching the ‘how do I fillet a fish’ Jamie Oliver tutorial a million times we still end up with tons of fish bones in our oh so lovely meal. It’s at these moments that we just try to come to terms with the fact that we’ve also got our shortcomings and you can’t be good at everything in life. As a result, we had the best time at restaurant Pesca in Amsterdam, where your fresh fish is prepared right in front of you while you sit and wait at a nice and comfy table. Because one thing we do master is the art of collecting the best hotspots in town for you guys.

From now onwards Amsterdam has been gifted with a unique and refreshing new take on fish restaurants thanks to Pesca. Here you won’t find high prices and a fuss about fancy fish. Instead, as soon as you enter the restaurant you enter fish heaven, where you can immediately choose your type of fish at a modern type of market stall. Your chosen fish is then prepared at the open kitchen. You can add some side dishes and then it’s time to take place at one of the cosy tables. From the moment you enter the restaurant, it’s clear that high-quality fish is the number one priority here. This same quality has been added to the restaurant’s interior, where you can either enjoy your fish meal at a long shared table or a romantic dinner for two table in the back.

The fish is amazing, the atmosphere’s relaxed and the interior romantic but what also needs to be highlighted is definitely the wine. As described on the wine list, the restaurant’s idea behind wine is to make good wine accessible again by giving the wines a fixed margin. As a result, you can enjoy high-quality wine for a relatively good price. As if good fish and affordable prices aren’t good enough already. We also enjoyed our dessert in a more alcoholic and homemade form known as Limoncello. Almost too good to be true, which is probably also the reason we woke up with a bit of a hangover. Still worth it!

Rozengracht 133
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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