Forget Machu Picchu, these salt ponds are a must visit when in Peru

(Photos via The Telegraph/Bored Panda/@howfarfromhome)

Just when we thought that Machu Picchu in Peru was the most magical sight the country has to offer we came across these salt ponds (thanks to these guys). The Maras Salt Ponds are located in the ancient Inca Sacred Valley and consist of over 3000 small terraced ponds. These ponds serve another purpose besides being admired and creating such a unique landscape. As its name suggests, the ponds are made to create salt; therefore, each pond is owned by a different family.
So how does this magical process of creating the salt function? Well, a salty subterranean stream fills the un-deep pools, once the water evaporates, all that’s left is the most magical salt in many different colours. So make sure to visit this stunning place with a very important purpose when in Peru (and Machu Picchu too of course).

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