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Get a taste of Barcelona right in the city centre of Amsterdam at Escobar

Three friends, a rainy Tuesday evening and an insatiable appetite. No, this is not the beginning of some extremely bad erotic film but the start of a beautiful evening at the recently opened bar & restaurant Escobar in Amsterdam. If there’s anything we like to do together with friends it must be going out to eat, however, going out to eat with three extremely hungry guys at a fancy restaurant on a Tuesday night won’t work. Therefore, we’re extremely happy with Amsterdam’s new bar/restaurant addition: Escobar.

Let us start by describing the first thing that caught our eyes when entering this new hotspot in de Pijp: its colourful interior. Straight after walking in, we could picture the rain outside making space for the sunshine, which made us feel as though we’d been transported to sunny Barcelona or Madrid. Besides its colourful interior, the delicious smell of exotic food made us forget all about work stress and allowed us to fully admire the place. It’s hard to imagine that about a year ago this place was still a community- and bathhouse ‘De Badcuyp’.

(Photo via Het Parool)

Due to the dreadful weather outside we weren’t able to enjoy Escobar’s other gem: its terrace. Nevertheless, it’s good to know it’s there since that’s always a plus point in Amsterdam, where it’s suddenly one big fight to find a spot on a terrace when the sun finally comes out. So this one’s marked on our Amsterdam terrace list. As expected, you’ll find many tapas dishes on the menu. The friendly staff advised us to choose around 2/3 dishes per person. If tapas isn’t really your thing you can also go for ‘larger’ dishes, such as, spare ribs (always a yum), which you then also can share with your dinner date(s).

Unfortunately, the time has come to point out the only shortcoming at the fantastic Escobar: the portion sizes are sometimes rather small compared to its price. We didn’t expect to receive just one piece of food when ordering the empanada from the tapas menu for 7 euros. That’s a bit hard to share with three hungry guys. There were a few other dishes that made us question if there was more coming but nevertheless, Escobar’s plus points definitely outweigh the negative one. So we definitely recommend this place when in Amsterdam. Even if it’s only to taste that bit of Barcelona right in the centre of (rainy) Amsterdam. Plus, there were even a few people dancing at the end of the evening. Yes on a Tuesday!

Eerste Sweelinckstraat 10
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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