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Glitter coffee is here to make you shine all day

(Photos via designlovefest/coffeebydibella/LBB Mumbai)

Everything’s better with a coat of beautiful shiny glitter. Your tongue, boobs and even a glass of Prosecco. This café in Mumbai must have thought the same thing when it comes to a good cup of coffee. Coffee by Di Bella serves diamond coffee and it’s the most glittery coffee you’ve ever seen. Perfect if you want to shine bright like a diamond all day and no need to apply any lipstick afterwards since the edible glitter leaves you with shiny lips too.

At the moment the diamond coffee is only available in selected stores in India – check out their website – but let’s hope someone understands the importance of everything glittery in life and brings it to Europe very soon.

[Update] London hotspot Palm Vaults has announced they’re serving healthy glitter coffee too.

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