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Forget about Glühwein because Glühgin will keep you warm this winter

(Photos via Gin Bothy/Shutterstock)

Summer will forever be our favourite season but we’ve got to admit that the winter season keeps getting better. Christmas is no longer the only thing you can look forward to because there’s a real gin revolution happing at the moment; gin advent calendars, gin pong and even gin tea are here to make your winter a whole lot better. But just wait until you see the latest product getting a Gin makeover because it will keep your very warm.

Gin Bothy has released ‘glühgin’, yes a Gin version of glühwein. Mulled Infused Gin is “Infused with cinnamon, clove & nutmeg; it’s great on the rocks or with ginger ale. Try serving it warm for a real winter warmer.” All in all, it consists of the same ingredients as a classic glass of glühwein only the red wine base has been replaced with gin.

You can get a bottle of glühgin via Gin Bothy for £36 so you can stay nice and warm this winter.

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