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What happens when you’re too stubborn to move out of your home

(Photos via Shutterstock/Bored Panda)

We love to admire stunning dream homes and we’re sure that when for some rather obscure reason we would be able to move into one of those homes we would never ever leave. Some people feel the same way, the only difference is they live in a rather ordinary home, nevertheless, they are determined to stay. Even when offered $1 million or more they won’t move. The result of this stubbornness (or dedication) is displayed perfectly in these photos, which has even inspired the iconic home in Disney’s film Up.

Edith Macefield Refused To Sell Her Home Even After Being Offered More Than 1 Million Dollars For It. She Later Became The Inspiration For The Movie “Up”

China’s Government Paved A Highway Around These Stubborn Homeowners. The Residents Eventually Moved Out But The House Had Become A Symbol Of Resistance Against Developers

Mary Cook Had Refused To Sell Her Narrow, Handsome Home While All The Neighboring Homes Were Demolished. Today The House Sits Tightly Squeezed Between Its Giant Neighbors, Looking Much Like An Illustration From A Children’s Story Book

One Resident Of A Toronto Duplex Refused To Sell, So They Cut It In Half

Randal Acker Refused To Sell His Small Queen Anne Victorian Home In Downtown Portland, So They Built A Huge Portland State University Residence Hall Around It

The House Of Austin Spriggs, Washington D.c. The Owner Was Offered $3 Million, Said No, And Later Sold It For $4 Million

Vera Coking First Refused To Sell Her House To Bob Guccione, Who Wanted To Build His Casino Around It. Later She Refused To Sell To Donald Trump

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