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How men feel when they’ve got a cold vs. how women feel

(Photos via livestrong)

The time has come again; the temperatures are dropping and people are suddenly coughing, sneezing and moaning all around you. Of course, we feel terribly bad for all those sad souls suffering a cold or perhaps even a fever. However, when it comes to men they suddenly suffer a very different disease, one that’s known as the ‘man cold’. Described as:

the true terrible, debilitating disease that is the man cold. Nearly all men will die from man colds unless they are administered immediately with large amounts of mindless TV such as daytime TV, or children’s cartoons. It is essential that they not move from bed or a comfy sofa to allow for rehabilitation, and must have tissues and man cold medicine (such as chocolate biscuits, McDonald’s, or a nice cup of tea) brought to them constantly by a nearby female.”

As man cold season is slowly starting, women from all around the world are sharing their hilarious experiences with the ‘mancold’:

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