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It’s Christmas time every day of the year in this outstanding hotel

(Photos via The Christmas Farm Inn & Spa)

All year we’re waiting for the jolly good times of Christmas and before you know it they’re long gone. Why stick to the ‘Christian’ days of Christmas when you can just turn any day of the year into one big Christmas party. You might need some cold weather but you just book a ticket to Jackson, New Hampshire. Actually, not just for the weather as you can find the most Christmas-like hotel in the world here where the merry days of Christmas have no end. The Christmas Farm Inn & Spa is open all year all Santa surely knows where to find it.

Every room has its own Christmas theme and name: The Blacksmith Cottage, The Sleigh House, The Sugar House, The Log Cabin, The Livery Stable and The Smokehouse. The idea behind the hotel is one we feel very close to: “We celebrate the little things in life that bring us joy every day of our lives. Friends, family, fun, love, adventure, inspiration and health.” All in all, we think you’ll leave this place with enough Christmas celebrations for the next few years.

Want to visit the Christmas Hotel? You can book your cosy room here.

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