Kendall Jenner just wore the most cropped crop-top of all times

(Photos via FoxNews/SplashNews)

There’s something strange going on in the Kardashian family (that’s no news). Either they’ve all hired the same stylist or they’re the first sisters that actually want to look like each other instead of defining their own style. Because you stand stronger together, right? After Kourtney decided to wear her bikini tops with loads of underboob and Kylie was spotted wearing an extremely cropped sweatshirt, it’s Kendall’s turn.

After some heavy partying with model friends Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner showed off her toned stomach and underboobs in a very short white tank top. Looks like that extremely cropped crop top Urban Outfitters was selling was a match for Kendall. Not for us, please.

jet lag

Een bericht gedeeld door Kendall (@kendalljenner) op

peep the adidas tho

Een bericht gedeeld door Kendall (@kendalljenner) op

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