Kylie Jenner celebrates her 20th birthday in the most nude bikini of all

(Photo via PopCrush)

Happy Birthday to Kylie Jenner, who turned 20 yesterday! Even though we couldn’t care less we do like the fact that Kylie likes to share a few pretty photos with her almost 100 (!) million followers on Instagram. Especially for the fashionistas, this is a plus point since Kylie works with many top stylists and can turn any fashion item into a trend (remember those sweaty heels). However, we hope that isn’t going to happen to the nude bikini because we’ll need some more fun in the sun for that. Nevertheless, nude fits Kylie perfectly because if you close your eyes just a little bit it almost looks like she isn’t wearing anything. Oops.

Een bericht gedeeld door Kylie (@kyliejenner) op

day at Mommy’s 💛

Een bericht gedeeld door Kylie (@kyliejenner) op

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This wasn’t the first time Kylie inspired many with her bikini outfit:

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