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Kylie Jenner’s baby just broke an Instagram record a week after being born

(Photo screenshot via Instagram @kyliejenner)

Yesterday we wrote about the queen of Instagram, Kylie Jenner, being back on the radar but let us rephrase that. Because not Kylie Jenner but daughter Stormi has just been crowned the queen of Instagram and all she had to do was show off her hand. Now we understand what we’ve been doing wrong this whole time… Even though fans had a lot of questions about Kylie’s baby’s unusual name, almost 15 million people seem to like it, which made the baby name reveal photo the most liked Instagram photo ever. This means that Kylie’s baby is officially more popular than Queen B’s twins, who managed to mark the most-liked Insta photo up until now:

And we’re just one month into 2018. This girl is on fire.

stormi webster 👼🏽

Een bericht gedeeld door Kylie (@kyliejenner) op

With so many likes, you always get a few haters but these ones are just too funny not to share:

Is this a matte or a creamy? (@alexirabin) #Stormi #KylieJenner

Een bericht gedeeld door Claudia Oshry Soffer (@girlwithnojob) op

Welcome to the world, Stormi 💅

Een bericht gedeeld door Byrdie (@byrdiebeauty) op

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