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Lamborghini finally reveals the world’s fastest SUV

(Photos via Lamborghini)

The only thing we’ve still got to get used to when it comes to the new Lamborghini ‘super USV’ is its name: Urus. Even though it does look like it has been transported here from another universe. Including out-of-this-world specs and the exclusive title ‘the world’s fastest SUV’. Lamborghini, you did a pretty genius job here:

The SUV is driven by a 4 litre twin-turbo V8, which results in an astonishing 650-hp. Technically, this means that the car can reach a high speed of 305 km/h and hit 100 km/h in just 3,6 seconds. That’s pretty impressive for an SUV of 2200 kg. This is also the reason why the Urus is currently the fastest SUV ever made. Impressive! Enough talk about the speed and motor because the SUV also somes in a signature Lamborghini style with strong square shapes. We love it:

Price tag

Lamborghini’s Urus will be available from spring 2018. In Europe, the price tag will be around €171.429 but this price will go up since taxes still need to be added. There’s still time to save some money!

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