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Look no further, this is the best hamburger restaurant in Amsterdam

Burgers, burgers, burgers, we could eat them all day long if we wouldn’t have some work to do. Therefore, we’re forever thankful that hamburgers are now socially accepted as a decent dinner meal instead of having to deal with all the nasty fast food burgers. During the last couple of years more and more hamburgers restaurants have opened up in Amsterdam so we no longer have to book a ticket to London to get the best burgers. Now there’s a new kid on the block, right in the centre of Amsterdam opposite the McDonald’s, known as Ter Marsch & Co.

Even though they’re planning on taking over Amsterdam, the restaurant was founded in Rotterdam, where you’ll find their first restaurant. After being awarded the best Dutch hamburger in 2014/2015 for their masterpiece the Ter Marsch Grande, they’ve decided it’s time to take over Amsterdam. Besides their amazing hamburgers, which are almost like a piece of art but one you can put in your mouth and make you feel completely satisfied, there’s more to it than hamburgers only but we’ll get back to that later.

Even though we had the best time when visiting Ter Marsch on a Saturday evening, it was extremely busy so we recommend making a reservation. As we mentioned before there’s a lot more to choose from than hamburgers. Well, kind of. For example, you can also enjoy a delicious piece of entrecote but when we read on the menu ‘awarded best hamburger of the Netherlands 2015’ we didn’t want anything else. We can tell you, they 100% deserved that award because their hamburgers are filled with nothing but quality. So if it would be up to us we might as well award them with the 2017 award straightaway because this was heavenly. Plus points for the fresh fries ánd homemade truffle mayonnaise (the best!).

Because of this heavenly meal we had to ditch dessert but we certainly made good use of the bar for a few drinks since right around the corner you’ll find Amsterdam’s hottest bars. To get back to the hamburgers, if it wasn’t clear already we 100% recommend this place because fast food is nothing compared to these hamburgers. Also the perfect place for a date, just don’t forget to use cutlery.

Good hamburgers are nothing new to Amsterdam but these boys from Rotterdam are new in town to add an extra touch to that. Just what we needed.

Ter Marsch & Co.
Vijzelstraat 4
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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