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Love Actually predicted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story

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The introduction of the Internet has filled the world with a whole new form of conspiracy theories. This happens in all different sectors, from science to gossip. Suddenly a selected group of people believe that the world is flat, and yes we’re talking about a lot of people, just like the amount of people who believe that mumager Kris Jenner ‘planned’ her daughter’s pregnancies. Now a new theory has hit the web and this one finally does make sense. Apparently Love Actually predicted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love affair. Makes total sense but whatever, we’re just suckers for love.

In case you haven’t secretly started watching the Christmas film of the year, Love Actually, we’ll refresh your minds. We see the young Sam fall in love with singer Joanna and according to Twitter this is very similar to Harry and Meghan’s love story. Besides looks, we don’t really see the connection but it’s good to see how a royal love story brings together a nation. Love it!

Memedom ✔️ congrats to the happy couple…lol

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