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Meet the models: may we introduce you to the stunning Colourful Rebel models

Last week, we were more than happy to introduce you to our new Fall/Winter collection but this collection would mean nothing without our stunning models. Together we travelled to our favourite city London, where we made unforgettable memories. All thanks to our models! We were lucky enough to meet the cool Vera, who’s originally from a small town in Holland but now travels the world for her modelling job, the Belgian/Italian Eva is more than good looks, she encourages to make the world a better place and the South-African Bianca, who besides her modelling job loves to spend time at parties and on a surfboard. Behind the scenes, we asked them about their style and favourite items. Curious? Read more!

These rebellious girls were kept safe by the best man group in town: the siblings Ward and Jurriaan, who know everything about travelling the world and creating a pair of muscled arms. Finally, we managed to add the true local Timothy to our team who knows all about the hidden gems London has to offer, plus, he loves a fast ride. Can we say dream team?!

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