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These stylish shoes come with seven different heels so you can adjust them whenever you want to

(Photos via Mime et moi)

The future’s officially here guys and we can’t even believe it took so long. It’s all part of the never-ending struggle; wanting to wear heels but knowing you won’t survive the full day/night on them and not having enough space in your bag to bring another pair of shoes. That will no longer be necessary because interchangeable heels exist. This way you can go from heels to flats and 7 other styles in-between by just adjusting the heel. There’s a whole new world opening for us.

Mime et moi is the brand behind the ‘height-convertible sandals’ and started as a Kickstarter project in the beginning of this year. Now that they’ve managed to gather enough investors, they’re ready to make other people very happy with their futuristic shoes. Every pair of shoes they offer comes with a variety of heels, which range from stilettos to blocks to flats. All you’ve got to do is slip off the heel and attach another one when you’re in for something else. You can even mix-and-match with different colours.

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Change from flat to heel any time you want 👠🤗 #mimeetmoi #dontmissout

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